Monday, August 18, 2014

For the love of CO-ORDS..

Outfit: Co-ord - Missguided, Lace Bralet - Topshop, Sandals & Sunglasses - Primark

And the love for continues...

This is another outfit I wore whilst at the Hideout Festival in Croatia. I love this outfit so much it warranted a separate post from my previous 'Hideout Festival - The Outfits'.
Two piece's, co-ords, match-matchy's are definitely this summer's top trend and what a great trend that is. 

The  TYISHA MONOCHROME PALM PRINT A-LINE MINI SKIRT is still available online but the jacket does not appear to be in stock anymore, however, the equally beautiful ALFINE MONOCHROME PALM PRINT CROP TOis still in stock and forms another great co-ord.

I am a walking Missguided wardrobe at the moment, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hideout Festival Croatia- The Outfits

Unfortunately/fortunately, I didn't take my SLR on holiday so apologies for the lower quality pics but I still wanted to showcase some of my holiday outfits.
Hideout was amazeballs (yes I say amazeballs!).  Definitely what I expected and more but it was SOO tiring after night 3. We arrived on Saturday night and started the madness then, by Wednesday I had had enough and would have happily been at home watching Game of Thrones with a cup of tea. But no, I made it till the next saturday like the trooper that I am. The DJs were absolutely amazing - Shy FX in particular was unbelievable. 
All in all it was an unforgettable holiday spent in the beautiful sun, dancing like no one was watching and eating yummy food with my nearest as dearest. 
Outfit: ASOS Hawaiian Print Cross Front Wrap Halter Swimsuit , Levis Short - Vintage (showcased in my You & Me post) , Primark sandals, Body Chain - eBay.

I am so inlove with this swimsuit, It fits like a glove despite my small boobs. I received so many compliments about it AND it can double up as a top (which many people thought it was)! 

The fear of wasting a great outfit on an insignificant day is definitely real. It should have it's own phobia name. I bought this beaut playsuit a while ago but I had been saving it  especially for the festival. #nerd
Outfit: Bikini - VodaSwim , Fringe Kimono - ASOS (last season), Sun Hat - Zara, Belly Chain - Ebay, Shorts - eBay

Psst, I discovered VodaSwim just before I went on holiday, they make beautiful bikini's especially for ladies that want a little boob vava-voom. Slightly pricey but worth it for a subtle yet noticeable lift.
Outit - Topshop Skinny Crop Tee, Missguided Split Maxi Skirt, Primark Sandals

Okay so funny story about this Missguided skirt.  I saw it on someone walking down a High Street. I chased her to ask were she got it but she disappeared (lol). The lushness of the skirt remained on my mind all day so when I got home, I googled all combinations of details of the skirt I could remember - without any luck.  A couple of days later, I put the same descriptions I had used into eBay, and eBay never fails, there the skirt was and IN MY SIZE. What are the odds!! I would have paid next to anything for it but luckily, the price did not break the bank at all. It is such a beautiful well fitted skirt, no wonder it sold out on Missguided so fast. 
Bikini - eBay, Headband & Sandals - Primark

Ahh I love this bikini. I bought it from eBay China for like £4. It is labelled as a push up bikini but it really isn't. There is no push factor to it at all and it is very lightly padded. So ignore the description if you are thinking of purchasing one also.

Thats all for today folks.  For every item still in season or available online, a link has been provided. For all other items, try the websites themselves for alternatives, eBay or street stores (i.e. Primark) . Any questions? feel free to drop me a comment ;)

I also had a little blog re-vamp. You like?

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Friday, July 25, 2014


*super Late post alert* 

but Hey, by now you must have heard and gotten sick of that song 'Loyal' by Chris Brown et. al?.
Well I'm not yet sick of it tbh. 

Okay so I am a big Breezy fan - Like HUGE. That song is such a hit, to be honest, any song he makes is a hit. Anyway, I really loved his outfit with the Check- Leather-Timbs combo so I decided to replicate it whilst adding a touch of  femininity. 

I am really mean-mugging in this shoot but I wanted to channel my inner street.

Pleather Jacket - eBay • Boyfriend Tee - George  Jeans - Topshop  Shirt - Main Source  Ankle Boots - Aldo

I think I did okay you know, but here is the man himself...

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pastel Power

Sooo sorry for the delayed post. I was meant to post this before I went away (I was in Croatia all last week for the hideout festival). The festival was AMAZING, if it's your thing and you haven't yet been, you're missing out big time!! I hope to do a dedicated post showcasing my festival outfits soon so I will tell you more about it then!! 

oh hey Pastel Queen. Kinda went OTT with the pastels BUT if you are going to do something, do it well aye!! As a fashion blogger, outfit ideas and outfit inspirations take up like 75% of my brain capacity (I don't even think humans use 75% of their brain but oh well haha).  So when I saw this beautiful pastel tennis skirt and sleeveless top in American Apparel, I knew it was going to be a pastel power kind of outfit (o.m.g I tots just said the post title in the actual body of the post lol).

The beautiful duck egg, powder blue or whatever you want to call it, jacket is from Primark - would you believe. I saw it at the corner of my eye and it was love at first sight. UNLUCKY for me, I ended up accidentally leaving it on a bus in Croatia and I don't think I will ever get it back :(. But I hope to pick up another when I get a chance to visit Primache again.

I have seen the must-have feather bag by River Island circulate the bloggersphere like hot cakes. I had to grab myself one ! It's the perfect night out bag, adding a splash of fun to any outfit. It also comes in a range of beautiful, refreshing colours so you're spoilt for choice !

I don't know if you can tell but I really LOVE pastel colours this season. I also think they really compliment my skin tone if I say so myself.
 Cropped sleeveless top - American Apparel (can't seem to find a link on the AA site but I am sure it is on there)  / Tennis Skirt - American Apparel / Sunglasses - H&M (out of season) /  Feather Cross Body Bag - River Island / Heels - Topshop (out of season) / Faux Leather Jacket - Primark 

**PSSSST** just saw on Instagram, AA are holding a flash sale - 25% off skirts - online only!! QUICCCCK.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey Hey lovelies, 
This is a mega quick post on my OOTD. It's not all glam, I do slouch too ;). The ripped jeans trend is on fire at the moment. Luckily, trends go round in a big ol circle. These ripped jeans by Levi Strauss were obtained when I was 17 and working for Levis. I wasn't too keen on them so I wore them a handful of times then left them hidden amongst my pile of jeans. So when I finally decided to have a big sort out and found them, I felt as though they gave me time to grow and mature and then were like 'it is time, you are now ready to appreciate us and love us whole heartedly'. Okay, that was quite deep. 
Anyway, I am so glad I never sold them or gave them away. They are a huge part of my wardrobe now. 

The weather has been super duper lush. Hope you are all making the most of it :)

Sunglasses- eBay • Mesh Body - ASOS • Kimono - ASOS • NB's - eBay

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